Monday, December 13, 2010

Learnings - a thought to myself

Life is full of learnings, some of them come easy way & some hard way. And many a times we ignore the learnings unknowingly & flow with the incidents and the corresponding emotions.

If we remain concious & observe situations/incidents that are happening in life from the perspective that 'what the life is willing to teach me?', I am sure we will be amazed by the answer that we will get.

Observing the past situations, life always first choose the easy way to make you learn & when we ignore repeadly then only, life chooses the hard way to make you learn. I should learn to be sensitive to recognize the easy way of learning so to correct early, isn't it?

Instead of flowing into emotion and generating negative energy, I should feel 'wow', that life has so many ways to teach me various things.

Keep learning.

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